Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lotus Blossoms and Yoga

My art is so popular with people who do yoga that I'm inspired to get in the groove. I did attend one sunrise session on Venice Beach last fall with my friend, Susanne. And, years ago, my friend Anja and I did the "Salutation to the Sun" in the mornings outside Peter M.'s motorhome on our cross-country folk-singing tour en route to a concert in LA. I didn't know it was yoga then, but I enjoyed the ritual.

Present day. I've been searching the web and the library for books to enlighten me. Like, what does it all mean? Today I met the owner of Yoga SRQ on Pineapple in Sarasota and she gave me a coupon for a free week of yoga which I'm going to use next week. More on that magical occurrence later (meeting her and stumbling upon her yoga studio). Know that it was a fortuitous meeting which led from one thing to another. Like I said, more on that later.

In my search for information about all things yoga, I felt an overwhelming urge to paint a lotus blossom. I did a google search and voila! I discovered something wonderful: the water lilies in the lily pond by the library at lotus (click here to see my Aug 4 post) !!! They have the little seed pods. I was so curious when I was photographing them because I hadn't ever seen the little pods before. They are so beautiful. I'm excited. I can't wait to begin my artistic journey into the world of lotus.
- Raphaella Vaisseau

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