Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heartful Art a "design find" in Chicago Home Improvement Magazine

The October '07 issue of Chicago Home Improvement included Heartful Art as a "Design Find" on p. 14. The editor of the magazine was already a collector when she found Heartful Art at Blue Feather in downtown La Grange.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Metaphysical Matrix and Cornerstone Books

I'm happy to announce Raphaella's Heartful Art is now available at two new U.S. stores: one in Texas, the other in Colorado. Metaphysical Matrix is located behind Starbucks at the corner of Fondren and Westheimer in Houston. Heartful Art posters, matted quotes and magnets will be in good company among crystals, Tibetan bowls, Kabbalah tools, fabric art and Feng Shui. Cornerstone Books specializes in recovery and self-discovery and is located at 3601 South Sherman St. in Englewood, Colorado. More than a bookstore, Cornerstone Books has a coffee shop, hosts metaphysical fairs, booksignings and seminars, plus has many other resources for personal empowerment. Heartful Art's recovery posters, matted quotes and magnets will be right at home there. More than a hundred stores in the US now offer Heartful Art to their customers. Find a store near you at our "Where Else" page or shop online 24/7 at heartfulart. com. We want to be everywhere you are. If you have a favorite store in your neighborhood you want us to contact, post it here or e-mail Blessings from our hearts to yours.