Sunday, March 10, 2013

Magical Moments in Everyday Life in the World of Heartful Art and Raphaella Vaisseau

Yesterday was an extraordinary day at the Venice Farmer's Market here in Florida. It wasn't just the record sales of my Heartful Art (best day ever at the market), but many sweet moments of conversation with women and men who browsed the inspirational art I create for them continue to touch my spirit and uplift me this morning.

One woman shared her experience from twenty years ago when she woke up and knew, "I am enough," believing this inner knowing was a gift from God given to her in her dream. She'd been sober for two years at that point and went on to be a recovery counselor. She has since helped countless others realize this important truth as well. At home on my refrigerator I have a page from Louise Hay's daily affirmation calendar from June 18th of last year. It reads, "I am neither 'too little' nor 'too much,' and I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I am okay just as I am."

Another magical moment was recalling and sharing an experience I'd had at my Heartful Art Gallery in Sausalito eight years ago about a hornet:
"As I prepared to leave the gallery tonight I noticed a rather large hornet crashing against the sunlit windows of the gallery looking for a way out. I was tired and ready to leave. However, the thought of the hornet's long night ahead if it remained trapped inside was not a pleasant one. I put down my bags and fetched my rescue tools (a stepstool, backboard and vase), and set about my task. After I carefully captured the insect in the vase and covered the open end with my backboard to prevent escape, I made my way for the great outdoors. As I did, I talked to the little creature, saying that it would only be a moment longer and all would be well. The hornet continued to struggle, thinking itself caught. As I reached a safe distance from my gallery door, I removed the backboard and released the hornet into the air. It was free. A thought occurred to me as I watched it fly away that it might be a similar feeling of loving compassion our Mother/Father/God, our Higher Self or our guardian angels have as they guide us through our trials and tribulations here on Earth. The hornet didn't know that in it's capture, I was bringing it to freedom. It only felt the confinement of the glass. Sometimes we may think we are blocked and feel there is no way out, but who's to say there are not unseen forces capturing us from unpleasant fates and circumstances and gently carrying us to freedom. As we breathe a sigh of relief at our eventual escape, know that we are not alone. Give thanks where thanks are due." - Raphaella Vaisseau, Journal, 03.11.05
When hearts are open, and vibrations are in sync, human interaction can be so perfect and beautiful. Whatever the catalyst, heart-to-heart sharing is important. It allows growth, understanding, and beauty to be present, be felt, and to flourish. I appreciate the opportunities I have every day to interact with my beautiful fans and collectors of my Heartful Art. I sincerely thank you for blessing me with your support, and honoring me with your sharing. - Raphaella Vaisseau

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Affirming the World We Want with Words and Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau

Affirmations work. Words are powerful. What we affirm we can strive for until our believing makes it so. Words and positive self-talk became forever tools in the tool-box I use to navigate life in 1975 when I first read "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. I was in Lowell, Massachusetts at the time and around that time I had a powerful change of consciousness and began my quest for spiritual knowing. I learned more about affirmation while reading the 1963 edition of Joseph Murphy's book, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind."

Recently I've discovered the importance of feeling in the practice of affirmation. Yet this is not new information to the already initiated, as Thoreau wrote in his journal, vol. 3 on April 22, 1851, "It is not the invitation which I hear, but which I feel, that I obey."

In the old days I'd write an affirmation and repeat it 100 times a day for 32 days in a row. It was a powerful exercise. Now I simply live affirmations on a daily basis, loving the words that surround me as I work. I enjoy the quotations and color that fill me as I create positive, life-affirming art to assist you and everyone in having a great life and great relationships.

As Lewis Mehl-Madrona said, "Every thought is a prayer, and every prayer is answered". Remember, any thought can be replaced by a new thought in each moment. So, don't get hung up on challenges. Rather, switch your focus to something you love, and find a feeling that is the essence of that. Go with the flow, and your emotions will lift. Surround yourself with positive words and positive people. Abraham-Hicks teaches that fighting against something makes it stronger, so instead be FOR what you love - in your self, in others, and in the world. Namaste. - Raphaella Vaisseau