Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Breathe in Breathe out" for Yoga practice destressing breathing meditation by Raphaella Vaisseau from Heartful Art as 2x3 magnet to 20x35 banner

Life can be as simple as breathing in and breathing out. Our breath can be the simplest of meditations in and of itself. A person can practice anywhere at any time by pausing to notice the rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. Inhale, exhale. In and out. One breath at a time. Slow it down. Breathe deeply. Relax. This focus on breathing can be an exercise in remembering to keep things in perspective. Keep it simple.

Meditation and breathing exercises are known to reduce anxiety and stress through relaxation. Yoga, a healing system practiced for more than 5,000 years, is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation. Whether you are a student of yoga, a person interested in health and fitness, or a person under stress wanting to take better care of yourself, paying attention to your breathing is beneficial.

Sometimes a person needs a reminder to relax, slow down, breathe deeply, and keep things in perspective. Loved by yoga students, yoga teachers and all who practice meditation, stress reduction, or are interested in health, fitness, and well-being, this "Breathe in Breathe out" poster is just that - a good reminder, and beautiful as well. Raphaella's opening flower painting, like a mandala, can further inspire your journey to relax, slow down and go within. It's shown here as an 11 x 14 LG POSTER. It is also available as an 8-1/2 x 11 MED POSTER, a 5 x 7 SM POSTER, a 2 x 3 MAGNET, frameable MATTED PRINTS (quotations with mat - ready to frame) in 5 x 5, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10, and a 20 x 35 vinyl indoor BANNER for the wall of your favorite yoga studio.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My three little Italian Artist Foster Kittens helping in the studio

It's finally cooling down in Florida so I can paint outside in the lanai again and have my windows open for the breeze morning and night. This little foster kitten is Mona Lisa so she likes to hang out with me while I'm creating art. Her brother Michelangelo likes to help out as well, and Leonardo sits quietly and watches us all.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist Trading Cards hit the Mainstream in Dick Blick's 2010-2011 Studio Catalog

Artist Trading Cards, or ATC for short, is the brainchild of Zurich artist M.Vänçi Stirnemann who originated the concept in 1996 and created the first trading party in 1997 in Switzerland. Originally intended to be traded by artist to artist in person, this mini art form has morphed into a world-wide phenomenon with beaucoup variations and ameliorations. On, the handmade marketplace online, they are often referred to as ACEOs ("Art Cards, Editions and Originals") because they are primarily for sale rather than traded artist to artist. Plus, they include prints rather than being all original, handmade works of art.
I have my own collection going on and prefer to buy only originals. However, I have mistakenly purchased prints from time to time. Click here for an interesting discussion of originals vs. copies by two creators of ATCs. I create and sell my own as well, but, sadly, I haven't yet found any artists willing to trade them with me. I love the idea of artists trading little miniature paintings with each other. Many of the artists on Etsy, including myself, who create ACEOs belong to a group called the "ACEO Etsy Street Team." Browse this wonderful blog for links to many miniature works of art.

I was pleased to find a two-page spread in the 2010-2011 Dick Blick Studio catalog featuring ATC supplies for artists. Log onto or call them at 800-828-4548 for your very own copy of this BIG catalog of art supplies. Happy Creating!!!