Friday, August 6, 2010

Kelly Light's Ripple Project - Artists and Donors Help the Animal Victims of the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill

So far Kelly Light has facilitated over $9,000 in donations to help animal victims of the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. "We don't have to feel helpless. We can help. Our small actions together will ripple outward," Kelly says.

Artists (me included) donate sketches which Kelly posts on the Ripples blog. People buy the art by making a donation to one of the four nonprofits listed below the instructions for making the donation. Read the whole blog to see how it works. Some of the art requires a $50 donation and some a $10 donation.

Two of my ACEO paintings sold yesterday and two more are still available .Click HERE to see the post and buy one for the cause. I plan to donate more ACEO originals in September if the project still continues. Every penny goes to the animals.

To read more about how it all began, read the School Library Journal's July 20, 2010 article by Debra Lau Whelan, "Children's Illustrators Help Save Gulf Oil Spill Wildlife Victims."

I'm honored to play a small part in this important rescue project. I appreciate Kelly Light's vision (and her time) to make a difference in our world. Bless the art, the artists and the donors who are in turn blessing the animals of the Gulf. Thanks, Kelly!

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