Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lily Pond at the Jacaranda Library in Venice, Florida

I've been driving by this beautiful lily pond for months and finally had my camera in the car and took a few moments to contemplate the splendor of the place.
Lilies, beautiful lilies. I was in Giverny and walked around the pond where Claude Monet painted his beautiful art: Water Lilies in 1906, and Bridge Over a Pond of Lilies in 1899. A much quieter place than this. Yet, I can touch calmness here.
It's something I love about living in Florida: that anywhere, at any moment, even in my back yard, I am touched by awesome beauty. The storm clouds last night looked like the sky in my painting, Lavender Clouds garden.
Today, I was updating my website with all my magnets in FRENCH!!! While files were uploading, I gazed out my studio window and feasted on the lush, green scene in front of my eyes. Even the weathered privacy fence behind the shrubbery looked like a piece of art to me. The banana tree has recovered from the freezing cold of last winter, and the landscape crew keeps the grass and bushes nicely trimmed. Ahhh! I am blessed.

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