Monday, August 16, 2010

Clarity and Lavender Fields in Provence

Clarity. My new favorite word. I see clearly. Life is free from obscurity and easy to understand. I have clarity in my vision. Ahh. I like it.

I was thinking today of the Lavender Fields of Provence and envisioning them pulsing with an aura of golden light. And me standing on the road with my bicycle and a person of mystery. We are enjoying the day, enjoying the view, enjoying each other in this far away place. It's fun to see myself there in my visions. Here ... at the 12th century Senanque Abbey north of Gordes (photo by Jordi BriĆ³).

Lavender fields are often bordered by golden bands of grain. That fits with my vision of the pulsing golden aura. But wait. Maybe that's inside of me.

Standing tall now. Happy. Alive and well. On an adventure with my mystery person. Traveling the world. Enjoying life. In Joy. Seeing clearly. Loving life.
- Raphaella Vaisseau

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