Thursday, January 7, 2010

I love life

Alice Walker said, "I thank the Creator for the optimism of my Spirit." That's the thing I love about life -- the continual spark of new beginnings: year by year, day by day, moment by moment. This week at the "Causing the Miraculous" seminar (Landmark Education), I worked on organization as the topic I wanted more from. Consequently, this week has been abound with clearings, energy, creativity and finding things as I create solutions to reclaim order in my home and life.

I also made a commitment to create and post 10 new creations of art between now and our final class, January 25th. I have three in the works already and look forward to finishing them so I can post them online for you all to see. I'm feeling the stretching and expansion of the new year and loving it.

Stay warm, everyone. Inside and out. Even though it will be freezing cold this weekend in Florida, I will be outside all day Sat and Sun sharing my art with the world in Punta Gorda. Burrr. Ahhh. Life is good.

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