Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2021 Year Review and Embracing 2022 - Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau

In Numerology, 2022 is a 6 Universal Year in the 9-year cycle. According to “The Secrets of Numbers” by Vera Scott Johnson and Thomas Wommack, this means an emphasis on security and reliability. “It is a time for adjustment, for seeking a balance,” they write. “It is a time for reparations on the home front” and “There will be interest in educational and health programs, in food and diet, in ecology, in civic improvement.”

Last year, 2021, my intentions were to focus on Freedom, Accomplishment, Balance, and Expansion. It went well, in spite of the continued presence of pandemic challenges and national and global changes. I traveled a bit, reached a weight loss goal, bought a new car, and enjoyed success at Heartful Art Gallery. I took a few Adobe art classes and learned some things about repeat pattern design and photoshop. And, of course, I continued my studies of Law of Attraction with Abraham-Hicks and Good Vibe University. All and all, when I did my year-end review in December, I was pleased.

I then set about to visualize my focus for 2022. Opportunity is the word that came to mind. Contemplating the word over the last two weeks of December, I ascertained it would allow me to be alert to inspirations of any given moment, and encourage me to shift from an action I am in the process of taking to momentarily explore the possibilities of taking another action. It will be good for me to loosen up a bit in my day to day plans of action.

Thus, in 2022, in alignment with the Universal 6 year and my chosen word, I plan to continue my focus on health and wellness, deepen relationships with family and friends, expand my tribe, simplify my home, continue establishing my legacy in art, and be in nature as often as I can. As much as I love my home with a view of a farm and the Blue Ridge Mountains, I'm awake to the possibility of finding a different home surrounded by nature, with vista and conveniences that provide me with even greater enjoyment of life.

I put all of this in the Light for the Highest Good, and hope, as the year unfolds for all of us, we experience a year of security, health, and well being. Peace be still.
-Raphaella Vaisseau

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