Friday, April 9, 2021

Lightbulb Moment Number Two Million and One - Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau

I am a forever student of Life. One of my currently favorite teaching organizations is Good Vibe University (GVU), founded by Jeannette Maw.

During a recent class I had a lightbulb moment that is changing my life (again). I had been caught in discouragement regarding lower than usual sales at the gallery in the first 3 weeks of March. Wanting clarity, I shared my concerns with the group. When Jeannette asked me, “How are you supporting yourself vibrationally?” I instantly felt a huge shift within me. After the call, I attuned myself with my Inner Being in a different way that I had understood prior to that realization. The Universe immediately responded and today, 17 days later, I surpassed the 30-day goal I had set for the 4-week class.

Most conscious creators know the value of self-love and sincerely practice it. For me, this is slightly different. Plus, I often say the very words. I tell people who visit my gallery that I’ve been supporting myself with my art for over twenty-five years. Interesting, right?

I’m learning there is a subtle but important distinction between loving myself, supporting myself financially, and supporting myself on other levels (vibrationally, emotionally, physically, intellectually, etc.). It feels like I am awakening (once again) to a more profound understanding of how to be, and it feels like falling even deeper in love with my Inner Being.

I’m listening, feeling, aligning, and realigning. Even when I’m sharing with others, it feels that I am sharing more authentically because it’s through a lens of supporting myself. Inside, I’m fine tuning. I’m placing a priority on what I want and need on subtler levels. Like breathing. I’m noticing my thoughts and replacing anything less than fabulous faster with thoughts of things I love and want more of.

It’s curious that no matter how conscious we are, or how much we’ve studied, and how much we know and understand the laws of the universe, there is always more to learn and know. There is always a deeper level of understanding. How great is that?

-Raphaella Vaisseau

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