Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review of 2009 in the life of Raphaella Vaisseau

A year ago I declared 2009 to be a Year of Discovery during which I would continue to assimilate the new attitudes and understanding of seeing the good and focusing on the best feeling thought I can in any given situation or circumstance. At times during this year keeping this focus was a full-time job for me. Yet I persevered and I am reaping the results of my improved focus. With all the practice, I continue getting better at it every day. Most recently I’ve discovered how important it is to pay attention to the words I use and the stories I tell. I’m creating a new future so I’m telling new stories. I’ve been doing a lot of studying -- mostly with Abraham-Hicks, but also with Landmark Education, writer's groups, study groups, NLP and hypnosis. It’s all paying off. I’m committed to continuing my studies in 2010 and look forward to even greater expansion.

Kittens have been a big part of my life in 2009. I became a Kitten Foster Mom in March. Since then I have had a continuous blessing with the little ones coming to me for a day, a week or a month while they look for their forever families. I adopted Diana who is a beautiful addition to my family. For more about the kittens I foster, take a look at the Key West Cat Society / Venice Cat Coalition blog I created for them.

The other big news of 2009 in my life is the adventure of traveling to arts and crafts shows around Florida and setting up my Heartful Art booth for sales. My first show was in October here in Venice. My first road trip was to Dunedin, FL in November, and I fell in love with Safety Harbor, FL when I went to a show there on Dec. 13th. Exploring other cities, discovering new things about life in Florida, and meeting all the people who come to the shows brings me much happiness. I am grateful to have a new mini-van to make all the extra traveling safe and fun. I hope to expand even further in 2010 to attend shows on the East coast of Florida as well.

I SO appreciate my beautiful little house here in Venice, the fabulous friends I have (both old and new), my cats, my family, my art and creativity, Heartful Art, my customers, my car, social security, Facebook, Twitter, my cell phone, technology, and the joys and challenges of living life as a grand adventure that’s really, really fun! Onward, I say. Onward into the future.

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