Friday, February 20, 2009

Tell a New Story

This morning when I was driving around Venice running errands, I listened to an Abraham-Hicks cd from a live workshop (6/28/08 in Boston, MA). I heard an interesting thing about Law of Attraction. If we keep speaking about "reality" instead of our dreams, we'll keep attracting more of that reality instead of attracting that which we are wanting to call forth into existence. When we "tell it like it is" we get more of that - even if it's true. "If you keep expressing how it is, it can't change," says Abraham. "Stop arguing for your limitations. Be more hopeful. Be willing to dream. Be optimistic. It requires focus to look where you want to look. Try to see through the eyes of Source. Allow yourself to be the expanded being that Life has caused you to become."

All day when I talked to people who asked about this or that ("How are you feeling? How did your show go last night?), I noticed myself trying to be really honest about my responses. Each time I stopped myself and reframed my replies in more hopeful language. I refused to say,"It was okay but ..." and instead said, "The show was good (I couldn't get myself to say great yet) ... I met lots of new people and I sold a bunch of art." Throughout the day I noticed how often my thoughts dwelled on "reality" and I reframed some of the conversations in my head as well.

Abraham suggests we ask ourselves, "This may be how it is, but is this the way I want it to be?" If the answer to that is "No, that's not how I want it to be" then, stop reading that book and stop writing that story. Start telling a new story. Tell the story of how you want it to be.

Most people would think of me as a positive, optimistic person. I've been at it for over thirty years. Yet, I was surprised at how much of my language is focused on the truth of my experience rather than the enthusiasm of the dream I am moving toward. I realized not "telling it like it is" is going to take some practice. But practice I will. I'm going to tell myself a new story and share it with the world.

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SpiritMama said...

That's a great reminder about living in possibility. Thanks for sharing, Raphaella!