Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Resurrected Heart 2 Heartful Art print of an original painting by Raphaella Vaisseau - What love is all about

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Week, here's a print of "Resurrected Heart 2" from a series of three paintings I did when I lived in Ashland, Oregon before the turn of the century. (That sounds so long ago.)

The flower in the center of the heart is symbolic of the heart forever opening to the spirit within. That's what love is all about, a forever unfolding of joy, understanding, and acceptance, within and to ourselves as well as outwardly in relationship to others. Such a beautiful thing love is.

Knowing that everything is vibration and living in a vibrational universe, it's easy to feel when we are in harmony with ourselves, our loved ones, and our desires. Abraham-Hicks teaches that our emotions are the indicators of how well we're doing. Does what you're thinking feel good? If yes, think more thoughts like that. If no, refocus on something else that generates happy feelings. Sound too simple? Maybe so, but you might want to check it out for yourself.

I wish you love today and always.
- Raphaella Vaisseau

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