Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of 2012 and Declaration for 2013 in the life of Raphaella Vaisseau

Each year, late in December, I review the past 12 months and declare what I want to create for myself in the New Year. These reviews are a gift to myself and are all about me and my life. I believe we each have a part to play in the dance of life, and this review is about my part. As I see it, the world will take care of itself. My job is to play my part the best I can, so I can hold up my end. I love the life I've been given. I gratefully use it to learn, grow, express, share, and love even more.

2012, a year of Freedom, was a great one for me. I said yes to myself in many areas of my life, producing breakthroughs in family relationship, quest for adventure, financial stability, and manifesting greater success in business. Perseverance, focus, determination, and a vigilant adherence to keeping my thoughts (and thus my vibration) on what I want more of were keynotes of this win-win year. Practice, practice, practice. Breathe in, breathe out. Expand and simplify. Be happy.

Sound too simple to be true? Maybe. Nevertheless, it works for me. It's more proactive than accepting reality and going with the flow. And a good amount of faith and trust are involved. Which leads to ... more practice.

Since I first heard Abraham-Hicks discuss vibration in 2008, I lifted myself up, embraced life as a grand adventure, and set about to understand the law of attraction. I love the game of it all. Playing the game is a moment to moment choice of noticing my feelings, acknowledging, and self-correcting.

I use everything as an opportunity to uplift me, and make me stronger. I look at the beauty that appears all around me. If I'm feeling a negative emotion, I think of my kitten. The very thought of her perfect little furry face, and her tiny paws reaching out to touch mine never fail to bring me back to the center of what's important. This year I've taken giant steps in learning to refrain from telling old stories (of things I prefer not to attract, of grids I prefer not to activate) and instead, speak affirming, positive words, think happy thoughts, and focus on the good.

As I continue expanding and simplifying in 2013, I am expecting even greater accomplishment. 2013 is a six year in the 9-year cycle of numerology. It's all about creating balance, security and reliability. I've been working up to this one. After a year of freedom, travel and pushing out, I'm ready for a year of refining, organizing, and simplifying the home front. At the same time, I am preparing for even more expansion in the future by manifesting a new office environment and investing in new, amazing equipment for my business. It's the next logical step for me. As my business success continues, I'm moving in the direction of having employees again, and the first step for me might be to ease into it with an intern.

Etsy is amazing. Again a game. If you're an artist or a creative type, I hope you have an Etsy store. I'm breaking all kinds of records every month with sales and opportunity generated from Etsy. In 2013, I plan to expand and develop my Etsy store even further. Plus, I plan to update, master Pinterest and Tumblr, and then explore whatever new technology comes about with all our geniuses on the planet. "Etc." is a keynote for life, don't you think?

Another beautiful thing that happened in 2012 was a shift in my consciousness around food and the environment. Thanks to the Transition Movement and UU's Environmental Film Festival last March, I shifted to a greater awareness of the vast changes sweeping our globe and the myriad possibilities, solutions, people, countries, and corporations doing work to take care of what's next. I've been composting since April and made many dietary changes as well. My dream of creating an intentional community of artists, writers, gardeners, builders, and other creative types is gaining momentum. As I continue reducing my debt over the coming two years, by 2015 I expect to be making plans and bringing that project into reality. In the late 70s, I lived in a spiritual ashram in Minnesota with 18 like-minded people on the same path and I loved it. So, I know it will work for me. Community is one of my favorite things. Community with individual spaces. Fun to think about.

Life is good. Happy New Year. Where have you been, and where are you going in 2013? Let me know.      - Raphaella Vaisseau 12-31-12

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