Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day 2011 in Miami - Three Magical days with Mom (and Dad)

It's so great that I live in Florida, close enough to my parents to drive over to spend time with them. It's a 3-1/2 hr. easy drive across the Everglades where I am always delighted to see the natural habitat of alligators, egrets, and Florida panthers.

I had so many Heartful Art orders to fill and get in the mail before the trip, I got a late start getting on the road after the Venice Farmers Market on Saturday. Alas, through a rainstorm with nary a car on the road through the Everglades, I made it to their house by 8pm.

By then we were all very hungry for dinner at PF Chang's. Even though the parking lot was mobbed, the handicap parking place right outside the front door was empty and waiting for us. We were blessed with kindness by the maitre d', had lovely conversations with the other families waiting in line, and eventually were shown to a booth in Ceasar's section. We enjoyed our fabulous meal and talking with our waiter Ceasar (who is in pre-deployment training on his way to future dreams of being a Navy Seal). My Dad, a veteran Marine, and our family always enjoy the chance to applaud our service personnel and wish them well.

On Mothers Day morning I went outside to greet the day and was blessed to be welcomed by a mother duck with her five ducklings. They were sweetness personified! It's a simple life when we get together these days: Breakfast on the patio, read the paper, talk about life and old times, have lunch, take a nap, share some more, give presents to Mom, cook dinner (meatballs with scalloped potatoes), play cards (Dad won), watch a movie (King's Speech - we all loved it), sleep, and do it all over again. Click here to see a few photos on Flickr.

I've been bringing my webcam on my visits so we shared a Skype call with my daughter Cate and her family in Minneapolis, and also with my sister Kathy and her daughter's family in Jordan. The video calls and the entire three day vacation was lovely. I cherish my Mom (& Dad), and I'm so appreciative of every moment we are together. Next month I will journey again to visit them for Father's Day.

I wish you and your families treasured times such as these. Bless you.

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