Thursday, April 21, 2011

Find Raphaella Vaisseau's Heartful Art at Five Sisters, A Spiritual Journey - South Dade, Miami, Florida

Elizabeth Zosman first found my Heartful Art in 2007 online at At the time I was still living and creating art in California at my Heartful Art Gallery in Sausalito. I was thrilled to discover her beautiful store was minutes away from where my parents live in Miami, so on my next trip home, my parents and I all packed in the car to go see this magical place for ourselves.

I learned there really are five sisters - they are her five daughters. The recent article (included here) by Bella Kelly of the Miami Herald, shares some of what they're up to. During my visit, I witnessed a buzz of shoppers, milling around with stacks of items in their hands. I had brought more of my Heartful Art to show her, and waited respectfully until there was a pause in the line at the register.

The shopping trend continued over the years where others have failed (fourteen stores on my list of vendors have closed their doors during the past two years), I believe, in part because of Elizabeth's knowledge of spiritual and metaphysical things, and in part simply because of her presence, and the ambiance she and her daughters have created there.

On my last visit before the new year I arrived at an unspecified time on a Sunday afternoon. Elizabeth was not there so I happily browsed and shopped while waiting for her return. After some time, it occurred to me I might ask the sales assistant at what time she expected Elizabeth to return. I never did get the opportunity to ask, however, because the lines at the register were ten deep and continued that way for over an hour.

Having been in retail for many years, having had my own gallery in Sausalito during what we now refer to as the prosperous times before the economic downturn, seeing these long lines at the register in 2010 was a feast for my eyes to say the least. I watched in amazement as I wished to myself that I carried my camera in my purse to document things such as this.

Every time I visit Five Sisters I am touched by Elizabeth's generosity, kindness, and wisdom. When you are nearby the art and warehouse district of South Dade near The Falls in Miami, do yourself a favor and visit Five Sisters. You can find my Heartful Art magnets, posters, matted quotes, and art there along with crystals, jewelry, clothing, books and many other uplifting things. Elizabeth also offers classes and events to support and nourish you on your spiritual journey.

Five Sisters is at 8805 SW 132nd St., Miami, FL 33176. Their hours are 11am - 6pm M-Th, 11am-9pm F-Sat, and noon - 5pm on Sun. The phone is 786.250.4170.
-Raphaella Vaisseau, Heartful Art

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