Thursday, April 23, 2009

Serendipity: Okoboji to Venice

It's a small world. Here's a picture of Nicole and myself in front of my home in Venice. The photo of her fridge shows my magnets and postcard among her treasures there - I'm honored and so happy to create art that inspires people like that. She and her mother used to shop for my Heartful Art at a store in Okoboji, Iowa (then owned by Waxela Sananda who now lives and creates "Spirit Mama" art in Austin, TX).

How we made the connection: One Saturday morning in February, Nicole's mother came upon my art at the Venice Cat Coalition booth at the Venice Farmer's Market. She recognized my cute little inspirational magnets and voila! she remembered where she had found them in years gone by. Fun!

Nicole came to visit her parents a few weeks later and they all (including her father) came to meet me at my studio to buy art, share our stories, and meet the little kittens I was fostering (the 3 tabby brothers). Back home in the midwest, Nicole now has a kitty of her own and she is, herself an artist. We plan to keep in touch on Facebook.

Heartful Art
is available in over a hundred stores in the USA, on the internet and also in Femail Creations catalog. Destiny happens. We never know when paths will cross and serendipity lights up our world to remind us ... we are all One.

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