Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ABC NEWS NOW - New "Little" TV shows like "POD" "BELIEFS" and more

I've turned to ABCNEWSNOW on Fios channel 108 in Venice (click here to see if it's available where you are) by accident a couple of times this week while looking for hurricane updates and happily discovered a new concept in TV programing with short segments promoted as "good to know." So far I've seen short programs called "Beliefs" "Pod" (6 min, 10 min, 20 min) and many others, with interviews of Michael Beckwith, Pema Chödrön, hot new bands, advice on organizing computer disc space with external hard drives and offsite backups. Amazing.

It reminds me of Wisdom TV from the early 2000's which offered 24-hour programming of New Age Expos, full seminars by authors such as Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, and in the place of commercials were little meditations, health tips, and new thought people sharing their definitions of wisdom and other words. One of my favorite Wisdom TV programs was "Conversations with Remarkable People" hosted by Chantal Westerman. Her guests included Robert Bly, Robert Muller, and other fabulous people. Wisdom TV was heavenly. I have several 9hr videos recorded which I view from time to time. I treasure them even though they are showing signs of wear from repeated viewings.

Currently we have hayhouseradio.com which is similar to Wisdom TV but different in that it's primarily authors and guests who are published by Louise Hay's Hay House Publishing. Nothing wrong with that. I religiously listen to the weekly Abraham-Hicks shows aired on hayhouseradio.com. However wonderful this online radio programming is, it's not the same as the brief years of Wisdom TV broadcasting.

With Hay House Radio, combined with the new programming from ABC News Now, we might be getting closer to offering new options in media programming. Maybe it's a new trend and other networks will follow suit. I love that the programs are super short - probably because they can be viewed from mobile phones.

Here's their sound bite: "ABC News NOW is an entire network devoted to better living with smart, empowering info you can use everyday From high-tech to high fashion, going green to keeping lean, ABC News NOW is always GOOD TO KNOW." Check it out and enjoy!

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