Monday, March 2, 2009

Seven Heart Paintings by Raphaella Vaisseau used as Licensed Art on CDs and for Musical Production

For someone who loves color, words and music created to inspire and uplift, Bob Falstein's new cd "Take Heart" is a delight, both visually and musically. Color heals. That's my belief, my knowing. It lifts the spirit as music can.

Bob's joyful heart spills forth in his vocals and in the music and lyrics created together with Rev. Bonnie Rowsell. The cd is on itunes so you can take a listen.

This is the third time my painted hearts have been licensed for musical packaging. First was Resurrected Heart licensed by IMAGINE Consulting & Production Group, LLC for a S.F. rock musical, "Sacredly Immortal" in 2000. Second was Heart of Glacier used for Karen Drucker's beautiful "The Heart of Healing" featuring healing and affirmational music sung by Karen at her Mother's bedside in her Mother's final days in this world. One of my favorite meditative cds, it never fails to bless me and uplift.

Bob Falstein licenced five of my heart paintings for his cd: Great Heart (on the cover), Heart of a Butterfly, Heart of Life, Heart of God, and Heart of an Angel's Wing. The graphic designer, Sharon Turney, who visually put it all together did a masterful job of preserving the vividness of my original art with the text, photos and background of the whole cd package.

I love music. I believe it's one of the highest forms of communication on the planet. What an honor to have my art adorn these projects in this way.

Please contact Heartful Art if you have a licensing project of your own.