Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a Grandma - New Baby Boy Rysavy Born Today - June 4, 2009

My daughter Cate has wanted a baby since she was hardly out of high school. It took what seemed like forever to her to find her soulmate, Jason. Thanks to they found each other a few years back and were married last year. There are two other boys in the Rysavy family from Jason's previous marriage: Micah and Jackson (treasures themselves). The latest little baby boy Rysavy (and my daughter's first birthed child) was born this morning at 4:11 am in Minneapolis, Minnesota after over 32 hrs. of labor. He's 6 lb. 7 oz. and came 3 weeks early. My strong and beautiful daughter got through the whole birthing process with no drugs - that alone should bring her special blessings fr0m all guardian angels in attendance. (I can't imagine it myself.)

Here are a few of Jason's Tweets (which I find adorable):
I love my daughter, I love her husband Jason, I love Micah and Jackson and the new baby boy! BTW, his Numerological Destingy # is 3 - same as mine. Yippee!

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