Saturday, June 6, 2009

Teo Charlie Rysavy - born 6.4.09

Two days ago little Teo Charlie Rysavy was born in Minneapolis to my daughter, Cate & her husband, Jason. Here are the latest pics of the little darling (including the big belly picture taken during early stages of labor):

I haven't heard the parents say how they came to name the sweet boy Teo, but searching the web, I found that in Italian Teo means "Divine Gift" - that's pretty perfect. Teo is pronounced TAY-oh. We're all so happy he has joined our family and is blessing Cate, Jason, Micah and Jackson. They're on the way home from the hospital this afternoon. Life is good.


SpiritMama said...

Congratulations, he is adorable!!!

sskaare said...

What fun!! Teo is adorable!! Kate is beautiful! Congratulations to all !!
~Sharon (Steve's wife)